11921 Residents Left Kuwait In Two Days, Million Soon

The local Arabic newspaper Alrai reported that The pace of travel from Kuwait continued its steady acceleration, as the Kuwaiti airport witnessed the departure of 70 flights on Friday and Saturday, carrying 11921 passengers, by 36 trips on Friday, 16 of them to Egypt, 15 to India, and 34 trips yesterday Saturday, 20 of which to Egypt and 8 to India, While the rest of the trips were distributed to a number of destinations, such as Qatar, Iran, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Turkey.
Informed sources in the General Administration of Civil Aviation told Al-Rai that Kuwait International Airport witnessed departing flights for a number of destinations in the world, as the most trips were made to the Egyptian community by 20 flights on Saturday and 16 on Friday, onboard Kuwait Airways and Al-Jazeera Airlines, and “Arequero”, “Egypt Egypt” and “Al-Arabiya”, as yesterday, Saturday, 3,353 Egyptian residents and their families left for their country.
The sources added that the airport also witnessed evacuation flights yesterday, leaving 8 flights to India, at a rate of 1390 passengers, a trip to Doha with 200 passengers, a trip to Iran with 270 passengers, two flights to Ethiopia from violators of residence with 290 passengers, and a trip to Turkey There are 150 passengers on board of their flights.

The Operations Department of the Civil Aviation Department was keen on harnessing and overcoming all obstacles in front of travelers, and providing comfort for all passengers by providing designated places so that they can wait and be able to finish their travel procedures with ease and comfort, and the Department stressed to direct all ground services providers and airlines with the necessity Commitment to health aspects through the social separation of passengers, the wearing of masks and gloves, the taking of temperature measurements for all travelers and the application of all safety requirements and the setting of barriers
Hassan Al-Hamr, from the Civil Aviation Operations Department at the airport, revealed to Al-Rai that they are available to supervise the departure of the residents to a number of destinations for those who want to return to their countries. He said, “According to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, we have noted the commitment of all travelers to wear masks and hand gloves and to ensure distance. Social, in addition to the presence of all the competent authorities to work fully to facilitate the movement of travelers. ”

“As per the airline’s directives, all travelers are required to attend 4 hours before travel time, so that they can complete the travel procedures easily and conveniently,” he said, explaining that “despite the intensity of the number of travelers who arrived in two days to 11921 passengers, we have followed a system to enter them in a way Organized so that every 10 passengers enter the baggage weighing station until the process of social separation is achieved, especially since the outside of the building has high temperatures.

In polling the departures ’opinions, the traveler Nisreen departing to the Republic of Egypt praised the measures taken by the Civil Aviation Administration, by facilitating the procedures of travelers and adhering to the health conditions, explaining that“ Kuwait is our second country and we cannot do without it, and I am leaving on vacation and I will return to it soon, at will. Allah”.

One of the Egyptian residents said before his departure that “Kuwait and Egypt are brothers … and Kuwaitis are on our head from above, and that all procedures at Kuwait International Airport are excellent.”


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