137 Warnings Issued For Building Violations In 3 Regions

The governor disclosed this in a press statement, on the sidelines of an inspection tour of the East, Al-Qibla and Bneid Al-Qar regions, to follow up on the latest developments in the campaign to eliminate building violations, in the presence of the governorate’s municipality emergency team headed by Zaid Al-Anzi, and a number of officials. Al-Khaled indicated the real estate is being used by some parties to open commercial stores in violation of the laws, pointing out that these parties believe that the concerned authorities will turn a blind eye to these violations.

Visions He called for the need to adopt the visions of experienced technicians and specialists to eliminate the phenomenon of building violations. Among these visions is the amendment of the lease law, calling for the need for cooperation between the Real Estate Union and the ministries of Justice, Commerce and Industry, the State for Municipal Affairs, and other concerned authorities to confront the problem of building violations in the country. Al-Khaled indicated the need to launch a comprehensive media campaign to raise awareness of the problems of these violations in all their dimensions.

He praised the efforts of the emergency team of the governorate Municipality branch headed by Al-Enezi, and all cooperating parties in the campaign to remove building violations.



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