1,460 Schools To Open In Sept; ‘Private Schools Challenge’

The Ministry of Education has listed all of its schools that will open for students in September, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a statistical report issued by the ministry’s Planning Department, a total of 1,460 public and private schools in all governorates will open. This includes 855 public schools and 605 private schools, all of which have about 700,000 students in all educational levels. The number of kindergarten schools in the public education sector is 202, and the number of primary schools is 297.

The number of intermediate schools is 223 and secondary schools 151. The number of private Arab schools is 179. There are 79 schools for boys and 52 for girls, and 48 mixed schools for both boys and girls. The number of schools for students with special needs to open is 17 mixed schools. The number of foreign schools that will open is 409, including 14 schools for boys, 20 for girls, and 375 mixed schools.

Meanwhile, according to an educational source, the biggest challenge is the resumption of Arab schools and some Indian, Pakistani and Filipino schools with high student densities. About two weeks ago, the Ministry of Education started conducting field inspections of government schools through joint teams with members from the educational zones and the Ministry of Health in order to oversee the implementation of health precautionary measures for the gradual resumption of schools. The joint team consists of ten members – five from the Ministry of Education and five from the Ministry of Health. They have specific tasks to carry out during this period.

They will set up treatment and preventive plans to deal with the health crisis and to protect students from its repercussions, as well as ensure proper steps are taken if any case of COVID-19 infection is detected, reduce confusion and chaos, and restore order within the school in coordination with the joint committee in the region which includes representatives of the Ministry of Health to take necessary actions in such cases. In addition, a reliable source affirmed that the Department of Private Education will organize field inspections of private schools to determine the extent of their commitment to the necessary health requirements. He explained that the department is currently considering proposals for the resumption of Arab schools of high density. It is likely to adopt the proposal to divide the school day into two periods. The first period will start at 7:30 am and end at 11:00 am, and the second period will start at 12 noon and end at 3:30 pm with each class duration limited to 35 minutes.



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