15% Indians, Filipinos and 10% Egyptians – MP Proposes to balance Demographics

MP Safaa Al-Hashem said that after yesterday’s meeting with the government and listening to the presentation of the Ministry of Health’s presentation through Dr. Buthaina Al-Mudhaf, it is possible to conclude that Corona exists and will not disappear, and that coexistence with it is the next path and with great caution, because it simply does not return to normal life without taking the necessary measures.

Al-Hashem added that the Minister of Health stressed that “as long as there is no medicine, vaccine or vaccination for the virus, we will not be able to go back to the old normal natural life, and because I am optimistic and do not like bleak pictures, we will call it the new normal life with all its caveats.”

She explained that from the reality that I heard and recorded yesterday in the government parliament meeting, our new normal life until the end of October or November will be the test for the extent of our culture as a society by adhering to precautions and living with caution and taking due precautions


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