16,000 Departures And 5000 Arrivals Expected At KIA During Eid Holidays

While the agencies operating at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) continue their efforts to manage arriving and departing passengers, many citizens are planning to spend the Eid al-Fitr holiday abroad.

According to a statistic, the total expected departures and arrivals during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, from May 12 to May 20 would reach about 21,000 passengers, who would travel on 404 incoming and outgoing flights, Al-Qabas reported.

The statistic indicated that the total number of departing passengers would exceed the number of arriving passengers by 3 times. The total expected departures are about 16,000 passengers on 203 flights, while about 5,000 passengers are expected to arrive on 201 flights.

The source indicates as per the travel requirements the total number of arrivals should exceed 1000 passengers per day, and also the rest of the requirements for the arrival of the passenger are still valid, so that Kuwaitis, their first-degree relatives, and the domestic workers accompanying them are allowed to enter.

Regarding the reopening of Air routes, the source told the daily that the relevant committees in the Council of Ministers are still studying the opening of some direct lines with London and Cairo, to make it easier for citizens to reach the country without the hassle of moving between transit airports.



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