2 Weeks Detention Extended For Selling Visas Given To 12 Egyptians, 7 Kuwaitis

The Sentences Renewal Judge has decided to renew the detention of 12 Egyptians and 7 Kuwaitis, including an officer in the Ministry of Interior with the rank of colonel for another two weeks in the case of human trafficking.

The men are charged with bringing into the country menial workers in exchange for money.

The visa trafficking racket was busted when the Ministry of Interior in April 2020 offered amnesty for residence law violators to leave the country without paying fines and during interrogations with the violators, some of them narrated in detail how they were cheated by their employers after taking their money.

They said they were not given jobs and they were left on the street to fend for themselves and in some cases demanded money to renew their residence permits. In the context, the Public Prosecution is looking into other reports it has received from the Ministry of the Interior against expatriates and citizens whose companies’ files were recently referred to the Public Prosecution Office. They are accused of bringing into the country thousands of loose workers and not providing them jobs, according to the confessions of some violators of the Residence Law and investigations conducted by the Ministry of Interior with them.


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