215,000 Expats Left Kuwait In 2020

The Public Authority for Manpower recently addressed Govt. agencies regarding pending financial dues for workers. Late salaries are being paid by those who are registered with Govt contracts and this crisis needs to be solved urgently which runs parallel in combating visa trading. The sources stated that the Central Tenders Agency has been addressed to liquidate financial guarantees of violating companies in order to give workers their dues and hand them over their wages from these guarantees.

Number of guards had to leave the country as their residence was not renewed as the company files were closed as it had become clear some bogus files were registered, reports Al Qabas. In addition to modifying demographics, continued efforts are being made to provide more jobs for Kuwaiti citizens with replacement policy in the government sector.
In 2020, 12,000 Kuwaitis were employed in the private sector. Due to the Corona crisis tight control on issuing of new visas to expats, the labor market in the private sector witnessed a significant decrease in the number of workers. Around 215,000 expats left permanently whereas some joined back on family visas due to loss of jobs.



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