220,000 Children Were Vaccinated Against The Corona Virus In July – MOH

Informed health sources revealed that the specialized teams at the Ministry of Health are in the process of finalizing a mechanism and action plan for vaccinating children from 12 to 15 years old, against the Covid-19 virus.

The sources expected that the Ministry of Health would launch a vaccination service for children of this age group, estimated at 220,000 boys and girls, during the month of July.

he indicated that the vaccination of this segment will be with the “Pfizer” vaccine, such as adults, in two doses, with an interval of 6 weeks between the first and the second.

he explained that the vaccination will be according to text messages that the ministry will send to parents at the time and place of vaccination, as the ministry will send a text message to parents’ phones.

The sources stated that, according to the results of the third phase trials, the vaccine is 100% safe and effective for use for children at this age.

In a related context, informed health sources expected that the total number of restaurants in Kuwait by the end of this week will reach 3 million people.

And she stressed that, as of Sunday evening, the number of citizens and residents who received the vaccination against “Covid 19”, more than two million and 875,000 people.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health said that genetic planning has not yet been proven that the “Delta” mutant, known as the Indian mutant, was detected in Kuwait.

In a statement, the ministry confirmed the continuation of investigation and genetic mutation tests for the emerging corona virus.

he indicated that genetic planning efforts will continue through specialized technical teams, and if any new mutations are discovered, they will be announced.

The Ministry of Health called on everyone to continue to adhere to all ways and means of prevention and personal protection.

In another field, the Ministry of Health announced that the official celebration of the opening of the permanent office of the World Health Organization within the United Nations system in Kuwait will be tomorrow.

The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, yesterday, the permanent representative of the organization in Kuwait d. Asaad Hafeez, on the occasion of his official assumption of duty as the first permanent representative of the organization in the country.

A statement by “Health” indicated that the meeting dealt with the deep relations between the World Health Organization and Kuwait, the axes and areas of strengthening them through the joint cooperation strategy for the coming period, and the role of the resident representative of the organization in this regard.

He stated that Dr. Hafeez conveyed to the Minister the greetings of the Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean of the Organization, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, and his appreciation for the positive relations between Kuwait and the organization.

“Health”: We are ready for any emergency, Adel Sami

For its part, the Ministry of Health announced its readiness and readiness in anticipation of any emergency, in conjunction with the meteorological warning of a dust storm in some areas of the country.

The ministry advised citizens and residents to exercise caution, and to adhere to a number of instructions, including that patients with allergies and chest diseases should not be exposed to dust and dirt.

And she stressed the need not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, and not to hesitate to call 151 when needed for any inquiries.

he stressed that when medical assistance is needed, the emergency line 112 should be called for assistance, with the need to regularly use bronchodilator medications for cases of chest allergies to avoid asthma crises, and to go to the nearest health center in the event that respiratory symptoms do not respond to treatment.

It is expected that the number of vaccination will reach 3 million by the end of the week

No detection of the Indian mutator “Delta” in Kuwait yet



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