3 Violations Demolished In Sharq

The Governor of the Capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, announced three more illegal constructions have been demolished in the Sharq region, bringing the total number of demolitions or violations to 130 in the East of the city and Bneid Al-Gar to follow up on the developments of the campaign to remove building violations. Al-Khaled said the tireless campaigns cover all areas of the governorate around the clock unperturbed and that these campaigns will continue until the last violation is rectified and illegal constructions demolished in line with the law.

He pointed out, he personally follows up and continuously supervises the various sites, and however, he said it takes some time to complete the work. He stressed, the governorate is firmly determined to remove all construction violations in the regions of the governorate and apply the law indicating the campaign is proceeding and the governorate’s work team is making successive field trips to accelerate the pace of work especially in the regions of East Al-Murgab and Bneid Al-Gar.



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