30,000 Requests To Postpone Loan Installments

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of the Credit Bank, Salah Al-Mudhaf, announced on Wednesday that the bank has received 30,000 requests for delaying the payment of loan installments since the issuance of the law regarding postponing financial obligations for a period of 6 months, Al Jarida reported.

The bank received postponement requests through the bank’s website, mobile application, bank branches and service centers Integrated to serve the elderly, people with special needs, prisoners’ families, martyrs, and heirs.

Al-Mudhaf stressed, in a press statement, during his meeting with the directors of the branches’ departments to review the latest developments in the workflow, especially with regard to the implementation of Law No. 3 of 2021 regarding the postponement of financial obligations for a period of 6 months, to provide the best service to the Kuwaiti citizen.

He emphasized that the efforts of all the bank’s employees are in full swing to serve  Kuwaitis with an easy service without the hassle of reviewing the bank’s branches through online services.

The Credit Bank announced in a statement that the steps to postpone the installments begin by creating an account in the Kuwait Mobile Identity Application of the Public Authority for Civil Information, then creating an account on the bank’s portal.

The citizen can request the postponement through the bank’s online portal or the bank’s mobile application, by entering the civil number and password, and choosing the installment postponement service, then clicking on approval, acknowledgment, and pledge, then pressing Submit, and the customer will receive a message accepting the request and the request number.



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