4 Teams Control A Tire Fire In The Scrap Area Of ​​Mina Abdullah

Today, Saturday, the Kuwait Firefighting Force announced that 4 teams managed to control a fire that broke out in tires in the Scrap area of ​​Mina Abdullah.

In a press release to the Public Relations and Media Department, the force said that the operation room had received a report stating that a fire had broken out in tires in that area, and as a result, firefighting teams from the centers of Mina Abdullah, Umm Al-Hayman, Al-Isnad and Al-Salmiya were directed to deal with him.

She added that the firefighting teams worked to isolate the area of ​​the fire and besiege it in an area of ​​1500 square meters and were able to control the accident after great efforts made by the firefighting teams to prevent the spread of the fire to trucks that were close to the site of the accident.

They pointed out that the investigation teams began their work to find out the reasons that led to the fire, noting that there were no human casualties as a result of the accident.



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