400,000 Doses Of AstraZeneca Vaccine To Arrive Next Week

The efforts of the Ministry of Health and various concerned parties resulted in expediting the arrival of the third batch of AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine. The third batch is scheduled to arrive in Kuwait early next week. This Batch would contain 400,000 doses, Al Qabas reported.

Although the shipment was delayed more than once, and the arriving quantity is lesser than

the contracted quantity, but in light of the difficulty that Kuwait faces, in the midst of the global race towards vaccines, the arrival of the new shipment is an achievement at various levels.

Kuwait had previously received two shipments from the Oxford vaccine platform, the first containing 200,000 doses and the second 150,000, which means that 350,000 people, most of them citizens, are waiting for the second dose, noting that the next shipment is sufficient for everyone.



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