447,000 Residency Permits Canceled In 2020; 732,000 Domestic Workers In Kuwait; Indians Top The List

The Central Bureau of Statistics released the migration report for the year 2020 and the resulting changes in demographics.

According to the the migration report for the year 2020 released by Central Bureau of Statistics, 447,000 residency permits were canceled during 2020. This includes revocation of residency of 276,000 workers in the private sector and nearly 14,000 in the government sector. 94,000 domestic workers and 63,000 family residency also cancelled during the period.

According to the statistics, the domestic workers in Kuwait constitute more than 26 percent of the total workforce, with their number reaching 732,000 out of 2.8 million foreign workers.

Indians top the number of domestic workers with 343,335 domestic, which is about 47 percent. This is followed by the Filipino, which constitutes 21.5 percent, with 157,602 workers. Bangladeshi domestic workers come in third place, with 11.9 percent, which is 86,830. Sri Lankan nationality constitute 11.6 percent (84,642) of the total domestic population. 2.5 percent of domestic workers are Ethiopian which is 18,306.

Nepalese, with a rate of 2.2 percent (16,378) and Ivory Coast accounts for 0.4 percent (3,244 ) of domestic workers followed by Indonesia (0.4 percent with 2,794), and Madagascar (0.4 percent with 2,604) And Benin (0.3% with 2,324 ). Other nationalities account for 1.9 percent of domestic workers (14,145).

With more than 500,000 workers, the Indian and Filipino communities account for 68.5 percent of the domestic labor market in Kuwait.



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