500,000 AstraZeneca Doses To Arrive In Kuwait Over The Next Two Months

The Ministry of Health is working to speed up the arrival of anti-coronavirus vaccines, after setting initial agreements with international companies or their local agents, which would help to enhance the rate of vaccinations against coronavirus in the country, Al Qabas daily said, quoting health officials.

The Ministry of Health aims to reach 500,000 doses of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine within the next two months, which would help to successfully complete the first phase which mentions specific vaccine quantities to arrive in the country, according to health officials.

The source also confirmed the almost regular import of Pfizer vaccine batches weekly, and the imminent arrival of the third batch of the Oxford vaccine within days.

Earlier, two previous batches reached about 350,000 doses and there were 150,000 doses in the third batch. However, vaccine arrival dates can be disrupted as a consequence of the increase in global demand for brand vaccines as well as for other vaccines approved by international health organizations.

The sources added that the second and third stages of the Oxford Vaccine Agreement has a set target of two million doses to arrive in successive periods, after June, according to the developments of the pandemic situation locally and globally, the mutations of the coronavirus and its changes, and the ability of the current vaccines to protect against new Coronavirus mutations.



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