53% Of Expatriate Workers Are Unqualified

The study indicates that expatriate workers are characterized by several features, including the low level of education, as those without a scientific qualification represent 53 percent of the total of the employees, while the percentage of minimum qualifications is 27.2 percent, compared to 14.3 percent for intermediate qualifications, and 5.5 for those with qualifications, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The reason lies in the low educational levels of expatriate workers in the absence of recruitment standards for expatriate workers, especially domestic workers. Meanwhile, the expatriate workforce is characterized by the fact that most of it is ‘marginal’ believed to be 55.2 percent, those working as clerks and others 8.9 percent, craftsmen 6.9 percent, agricultural work 6.6 percent, supervisory work 2 percent, sales people 1.9 percent, economists and jurists 8.9 percent, 1.8 percent medicine, science discipline 1.3 percent and teachers 1.3 percent. So it becomes crystal clear that most of the expatriate workforce do manual work.



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