59,000 People Left The Country In 2 Weeks

Amid extensive precautions, the agencies operating in Kuwait Airport continue to operate flights for those wishing to leave the country and violators of residence, in order to address the spread of infection with the Coronavirus.

Al-Qabas reported that the total number of flights departing from the beginning of this month until yesterday amounted to 319 flights with some 59,000 passengers, mostly from the Egyptian and Indian communities, as the airport from the beginning of the partial and total embargo witnessed the evacuation of citizens and the continued evacuation of residents by allocating work teams throughout the clock.

An official source indicated that the provision of logistical services at Kuwait Airport is continuous and has not witnessed any stoppage, which means that the readiness to start work at any time without any confusion occurs to civil aviation employees, as they did not go through a state of disruption similar to other government agencies. He pointed out that the airport includes 13 governmental and private bodies, all of which are ready to continue work after the resumption of work, pointing out that the administrative bodies are working on determining the names of employees in the administrative and financial sectors who will carry out their work soon.


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