6.5 Ring Road Partial Intersection With Al-Ghazali Road Opens Today

The 6.5 ring road intersection with Al-Ghazali road was partially opened early today. The intersection is part of the 6.5 ring road, stretching over 800 meters with four lanes and two safety lanes of 20.2 meters. It intersects with Al-Ghazali road with a lower road of 1,017 meters, which allows a way for cars coming from Shuwaikh Port, the airport and the air cargo service area. It has three exits for cars coming from Al-Ghazali towards Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh, 5th and 6th towards Al-Jahra and from Abdullah Mubarak towards the airport and Kuwait City.

The 6.5 ring road project was completed by 92 percent last April and is expected to be fully launched by end of the year. The project will help to alleviate traffic jams on the 6th ring road and will be key to ease traffic in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh as well. The project will also create an intersection with the 6th ring road to provide an immediate entry to Sabah Al-Salem University City.




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