66 Violations Of Midday Break For Labourers In First Week

Less than a week after Kuwait put barred labourers from working under the sun between 11am to 4pm, around 66 complaints were filed, according to the Kuwait Society for Human Rights.

The Kuwait based organisation stated many businesses disregard the ban, and force the workers to work during the day, especially those in construction.

The ban went into effect on June 1 and is in place until August 31, as the three months constitute the hottest period. Put in place by the government six years ago, the timings and dates are as per the 2015 ministerial law 535, which prohibits employees from working under the sun during that time.

The decision applies to all workers from street cleaners and construction workers to delivery men on motorcycles.

Every year, worker unions and human rights organisations report several cases of workers suffering sun strokes and sometimes death due to extreme sun exposure.

Extreme heat

While it is only the beginning of June, on Saturday temperatures in the north of Kuwait, in Abdali and Jahra, reached 50 degrees Celsius.

According to the Norwegian weather monitor Time and Date, Kuwait and Doha on Saturday were the hottest two capitals in the world as they reached 48 degrees Celsius.




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