750 Cybercrime Cases Registered Within 3 Months

The Director of the Cyber Crime Department at the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, revealed a statistic related to what was recorded of cybercrime cases. During the First quarter of the year 2021 (January, February, and March) 750 cases were registered, Al-Rai reported.

In the previous year 2020 a total of 3,300 cases, most of them related to the Corona pandemic, and in 2019 a total of 4,550 cases were registered.

In his first media meeting, since assuming his position, Colonel Al-Mutawa emphasized that the Cyber Crime Department spares no effort in educating society about the dangers of crime, especially since users of the electronic account may not know that they are committing crimes.

The department has activated awareness efforts by officers and engineers specializing in the administration, to support educational and social institutions, by participating in awareness seminars, courses, and lectures with all state institutions, as well as cooperating with the rest of the state’s institutions to raise effective awareness for all ages, and to warn of the dangers of cybercrime.



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