88 Establishments Violated The Noon Work Ban

Kuwait: Yesterday, inspectors of the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health of the Public Authority for Manpower carried out a surprise inspection tour of some open work sites in the Al-Mutlaa residential area, to determine the extent to which business owners and private companies have applied Administrative Decision No. 535/2015 issued regarding the ban on employment in open areas. From eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, starting from the beginning of this month until the end of next August.

The head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Labor Welfare in the Capital Governorate, Eng. Ali Safar, that the tour resulted in issuing warnings to avoid violations for the first time against 11 workers affiliated with companies operating in the private sector, pointing out that the inspection of the same sites will be repeated, within two working days, and if the situation is not modified or the violation is avoided and insisted on, it will be confirmed, Marking the company file with a stop symbol and referring it to the General Department of Investigations at the Ministry of Interior to take the necessary legal measures against him.

188 violating establishments

Safar told that the total number of violating facilities since the beginning of the implementation of the decision, at the beginning of this month, has reached 188 facilities, stressing that the authority will continue its inspection campaigns on exposed sites until the end of next August, in order to preserve the safety of workers during the summer, and he called on business owners To the need to abide by the decision, stressing that there are penalties and fines set by the Labor Law in the private sector on business owners and companies violating the decision, ranging between 100 and 200 dinars for each worker in respect of whom the violation occurred.

He added that “the role of the team’s inspectors went beyond audit and oversight, to educating workers and business owners about the need to abide by the decision, in order to preserve the health and safety of workers, and to prevent violations against them.”

labor rights

Safar said, “The decision confirms Kuwait’s preservation of the rights of expatriate workers, and its keenness not to expose them to any harm, especially those who work under the hot sun during the summer season, in addition to regulating work, not reducing its hours, while ensuring that projects implemented are not exposed to any harm. He indicated that working in the open areas during this period of the year is difficult, given the harsh climatic conditions, under which it is difficult to perform work in its normal hours, stressing that despite the issued violations, there is a wide commitment to the decision on the part of a large number of establishments and companies.

He stated that the implementation of the decision during the past years has been widely accepted and applauded by companies operating in different sectors, explaining that it was taken into account the public interest, and is in line with Kuwait’s obligations to implement international labor standards at noon.

Stopping the company’s file and referring it to the “Investigations” if the violation persists


SOURCE  ;   aljarida

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