A Plan For The Return Of Stranded Teachers

Informed educational sources revealed that the Ministry of Education is preparing a plan for the return of the stranded teachers, who number about 2,100; To start their classes in their schools at the beginning of the next academic year.

Al-Jarida reported that the Ministry of Education made a decision to return all these teachers and not to terminate the services of any of them, and relied in this on the legal opinion of the Civil Service Bureau, explaining that the provisions related to the termination of services confirm the necessity of notifying the employee not to renew his contract before its expiry date by 3 At least months, with his signature on a notification of knowledge of that, which cannot be achieved in light of their presence abroad.

On the other hand, Ministry of education begins this morning the distribution of exams schedules for the end of the current school year to secondary schools (scientific and literary), the religious institute, and home students from the tenth to the twelfth, After being approved by the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Osama Al-Sultan, which will start on March 30, and will continue until next June 15.



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