Accident Victim Wins Compensation And Lifetime Salary

In a case filed by the family of a Kuwaiti woman via lawyer Ali Al-Wawan against the legal representative of an insurance company, the Misdemeanor Court issued a ruling to pay a Kuwaiti woman compensation of KD 116,000, a monthly lifetime salary of KD 500, and payment of KD 200 for nursing care. The court also sentenced the defendant to one-year imprisonment with hard labor, and fined him KD 200.

The verdict became final after it was published in the official gazette according to the law. The accused was charged with causing serious injuries to the Kuwaiti woman including a severe head injury. According to lawyer Ali Al-Wawan, the plaintiff was just 19 years old at the time of the road accident, and she lost her future due to the injuries she sustained, as she is unable to live a normal life similar to her peers.

The accident rendered his client to become physically and mentally incapacitated. Given that the vehicle involved in the accident was insured, the concerned insurance company had to bear civil liability before others based on the insurance policy, which was in effect at the time of the accident.



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