Accused Charged With First-degree Murder For Killing Farah Akbar

The Public Prosecution has charged the Kuwaiti man accused of killing Farah Hamza Akhbar with a First-degree murder and coerced kidnapping charges, Al Qabas reported.

The sister of the victim, Lawyer Dana Akbar demands the maximum death penalty against

Last week, Farah Hamza Akbar was abducted by a Kuwaiti man on Tuesday. He allegedly stabbed her and dumped her outside Adan Hospital in Mubarak Al Kabeer. The victim later succumbed to her injuries.

Local daily reported that the suspect wanted to marry the victim, but her family rejected his proposal. The woman’s family said they had filed several cases at several police stations and with some public prosecutors, but the man was not kept in custody.

The perpetrator, arrested and later released on bail, kidnapped the woman and stabbed her to death. Her body was left outside a hospital south of Kuwait City, according to the interior ministry.

Within hours of the murder, the police arrested the accused.

The accused continued to deny committing the murder and claimed that the dead woman was the one who stabbed herself 4 times until she died. The source told the daily the Public Prosecution charged the defendant with two counts of first murder and kidnapping, and requested complementary investigations from the Criminal Investigation Department.



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