Agriculture: The Mead Hunting Season Begins Today And Will Continue Until The End Of Next November

Spokesman for the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, Talal Al-Daihani, announced the start of the mead fishing season, in Kuwaiti territorial waters, as of today, Tuesday, to continue until the end of next November.

Al-Daihani stressed, in a statement to Kuwait News Agency, yesterday, Monday, the need for owners of fishing vessels and boats licensed to fish for mead to abide by the provisions of Resolution No. 787 of 2017, regarding permitting mead fishing in Kuwaiti territorial waters.

He said that the authority has coordinated with the competent authorities in the ministries of interior, commerce and the environment public authority to monitor and control the fishing process in a way that does not violate the laws and does not harm the marine environment, noting that the authority will take all legal measures, and apply provisions and penalties against violators of the provisions of the Fisheries Protection Law.




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