Air Ticket Prices Will Increase

Jazeera Airways Board Chairman Marwan Boodai confirmed that prices of air tickets will increase in the coming period, but he was quick to add the prices will not be exorbitant; while traveling before the emergence of coronavirus will be different from traveling in case of coexistence with the virus.
Boodai affirmed the airlines are trying hard to reduce travel cost, indicating the law of supply and demand has always been a major factor in specifying ticket prices; in addition to other factors like oil price changes and aircraft operating rates.

Taking into consideration the mechanisms for combating coronavirus, new factors have emerged that are closely related to the precautionary health measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, he explained. He pointed out the law of supply and demand will have a huge impact on the start of flights, especially since the operating rates will be gradual, which means the operating time of the aircraft will be significantly lower compared to 13 hours per day before corona; leading to reduction in the supply of seats in the market.

“In that aspect, the capabilities of countries and travel destinations to receive passengers are also controlled; as countries will define procedures for opening their airports, receiving and controlling flights according to their own capabilities.

This means not all destinations will open as the case prior to the emergence of corona and such period cannot be determined unless a vaccine or medicine for corona is discovered,” he added.

He asserted the low oil prices could be seen as a positive factor in supporting the operations of all airlines at present; because this reduces the operating cost, which naturally leads to reduction of air ticket prices.

He also stressed that air travel will be safe, considering the procedures adopted by international civil aviation organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) related to ‘health crossing’, which provides flights that are safe and clean from corona to the aircraft crew and passengers.

This is due to the fact that the spread of the virus on the aircraft means much lower rates than on the ground, if strict procedures initially followed on cargo flights before the commercial flights are not in place, he added.

Source: Arab Times

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