Airlines Are Studying The Experience Of The Corona Passport In Preparation For Its Official Approval

While some Gulf airlines have begun to apply the digital Corona passport issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an official source at Kuwait International Airport revealed that the decision departments in some airlines operating at the airport are considering joining the online application, to help passengers facilitate their movement. Between countries easily and conveniently, because the application will download all health information about the passenger.

The source said that in the event that some airlines operating at the airport join the application of the digital Corona passport, the system will be tested on some travel lines, with the aim of monitoring observations before starting to fully implement it.

Saudi Airlines had revealed that it would begin implementing the electronic IATA document for the traveler through its network of stations without compulsory, starting with the experiment scheduled to take place on the Kuala Lumpur – Jeddah route tomorrow, Monday, April 19.

Emirates Airlines also announced the IATA passport experiences.

The IATA traveler’s electronic document is a smart application for mobile devices that allows travelers to create digital passports, download test data and Coronavirus vaccines, and share them securely, in order to ensure that all government health requirements are met at all departure and arrival points.



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