Al-Amin Invites Businessmen To Join In Investment Projects

The Sudanese ambassador to Kuwait, Abdel Moneim Al-Amin, said Sudanese exports to Kuwait have been affected by the Corona pandemic, but despite that there are some goods that arrive by air transport, most of which are agricultural and horticultural products, and more so, Sudanese meat, which finds an increasing demand due to the quality of meat because the livestock in Sudan graze on fertile land.

In a statement to Al-Seyassah daily, Al-Amin pointed out that the quality of Sudanese meat gets a boost because it does not rely on chemical fertilizers. He pointed to the possibility of increasing the volume of Sudanese meat and horticultural exports to Kuwait if investment is made in transport between the two countries via refrigerated trucks, and appealed to the private sector in Kuwait to invest in this area due to its ease and high profits, stressing that the return of transport by refrigerated trucks would increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries.

The ambassador stated that the Ministry of Livestock in Sudan announced the launch of the largest integrated partnership project for the export of red meat and other animal products at the Paris Conference on May 17 last year, as the project is located in the states of North Kordofan and South Darfur, which has an area of not less than one million acres. He added the project aims to produce healthy meat free from pollutants and diseases to protect the consumers by applying health requirements and treating animal slaughter waste to benefit from it, with modern slaughterhouses to produce and export frozen meat of various kinds for local consumption and export and to make the most of the available resources for the production of this high quality export meat.



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