‘Allow People Not Vaccinated To Travel’

Under the heading ‘No to compulsory vaccination’, about 3,000 citizens and residents have signed a petition calling for the cancellation of the decision issued by the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah according to which people who have not been vaccinated are barred from travel calling it a kind of discrimination and racism against the ‘unvaccinated’. The petition aims to collect the signatures of about 10,000 citizens and residents.

The National Assembly and decision-makers in the country must reverse the decision of the Minister of Health and allow people who have not been vaccinated to travel without linking the issue of Corona vaccines with anything else, including the expatriate residence permit, visa, school rotations, rewards, and entry to complexes, restaurants and Government institutions and others. The petition says the freedom of others must be respected. It also notes that residents have the right to sign the petition, although the questionnaire is concerned with citizens only. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health continues to progress in the Global Immunization Marathon, and has vaccinated about 1.6 million people or 36.8 percent of the entire Kuwait population, with an average daily rate of 25,000 daily doses of the ‘Pfizer’ and ‘Oxford vaccines. The Ministry of Health also continues its efforts to expand the mobile vaccination campaigns against the “Covid-19” virus, and has vaccinated about 6,500 employees at the 360 Mall and Al Kout complexes yesterday, on the second day of the second phase of the mobile vaccination campaigns to vaccinate the employees of the central commercial complexes in the country, thus ending the vaccination 16,500 employees in three central complexes — The Avenues, 360 Mall and Al Kout.

Official spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr Abdullah Al-Sanad has promoted a campaign to vaccinate the employees of commercial complexes to provide a safer shopping environment to the workers and the shoppers, stressing that the campaign is continuing to vaccinate all employees of the central shopping malls. For her part, the Director of the Central Department of Primary Health Care and the head of the mobile field campaign team of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dina Al-Dhabib, said the turnout was great and the organization and management of the campaign was just ‘wonderful’.



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