Ample Foodstuff, No Worries

Director of the Supply Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Dalal Al-Shimmari said the strategic stockpile of commodities and basic foodstuffs will not be affected, in case of any emergency situation, reports Al-Anba daily. The official said this is because of the policy adopted by Kuwait which stockpiles large quantities of foodstuffs in its warehouses. Some foodstuffs can suffice for about a year while the others are good enough for four months, while at the same time maintaining the permanent rotation of food stocks through the sales operations on a monthly basis through the catering branches spread all over Kuwait.

Al-Shimmari added told the daily the department has played a major role since its establishment in securing the citizens’ needs of vital commodities and foodstuffs at reasonable prices with the aim of easing their burdens of life. She revealed about two million people are covered by the subsidy through the ration card system. The total annual cost borne by the state as a result of this support it provides to citizens on all subsidized foodstuffs, supply and construction materials reach 210 million dinars. She disclosed, the ministry supports 9 basic food supplies. As for the construction materials, the ministry supports 6 basic materials and 7 optional.



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