Arrival Of AstraZeneca Third Batch Delayed Due To Absence Of A Document

The failure of the arrival of the last document caused a delay in the delivery of the third batch of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to Kuwait. Most of the 88-page documents, testimonials, and laboratory test results for this batch arrived in the country but one last document related to the precautionary quality of the vaccine, Al Qabas daily reported.

An official from AstraZeneca told the daily that the vaccine documents and certificates have all been received, except for the last document, which will delay the arrival of the vaccine in Kuwait for a few days, adding that each document represents a kind of examination, in contrast to the main document that confirms that the vaccine is safe and effective.

He added that the parent company AstraZeneca sent an email yesterday, informing that it was late in sending the last document for a few days, explaining that the independent checks that are conducted on the vaccine are taking place in Britain.

He mentioned that the tests conducted on the vaccine are very numerous, and all of them aim to achieve the highest levels of safety in it, by measuring acidity, salts, bacteria, viruses, and other specialized medical examinations.

He pointed out that AstraZeneca has an office in Dubai that represents the whole region, and that it has an office in Kuwait that employs about 40 employees.

AstraZeneca reached Kuwait-

1- The first batch of 200,000 doses arrived from the Serum Institute in India during February

2 – The second batch from Russia in April, in the amount of 127,000 doses

3 – The third batch was imported in a quantity of approximately 400,000 doses from Russia and is awaiting the final document

The most prominent vaccine documents:

1- The main efficacy and safety document has arrived

2- The bacteria-free document has arrived

3- The virus-free document has arrived

4- The salt percentage document has arrived

5- The acidity percentage has reached

6- The final precautionary quality document was delayed



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