Arrival Of Delta Variant Despite The Continued Closure Of The Airport And Strict Measures

The Delta strain of the Coronavirus arrived in the country on Saturday 13 June. The Health sources have stressed there was no need to panic, reaffirming Kuwait’s ability to combat the situation, Al-Rai daily reported.

Despite announcing that the Indian Delta mutation was found in more than one case, the Ministry of Health did not specify the number of Delta infected people or announce their nationalities. Questions regarding the source of the virus and how it arrived in Kuwait remain unanswered despite the ongoing closure procedures and the prevention of arrivals from entering the country.

In its meeting, the Cabinet warned against negligence in implementing preventive measures and staying away from gatherings and contact after listening to a presentation by the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah on the developments of the epidemiological situation.

The Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Committee for the CoronaVirus Pandemic, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, stressed that vaccination and adherence to health preventive requirements are the way to deal with these mutations.

Medical sources confirmed that the effect of the Delta strain will be limited and under control, based on several factors, the most important of which is that the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines used in the country provide high levels of protection by 88 percent and 60 percent respectively against Delta variant, especially for recipients of the two doses.

The sources pointed out that despite the increase in the number of injuries in Britain due to the Delta variant, the death rate remained unchanged as a result of accelerated vaccination. In the United Kingdom, and many other countries in which this strain appeared, the countries did not witness major increases in Infections, despite the ability of the Delta variant to spread very quickly and cause more serious symptoms, also the Russian Victor Center for Virology and Biotechnology ruled out that this strain would cause a new pandemic, stressing that there was no scientific basis for that.

Unvaccinated people are more vulnerable to infection

Recent British statistical data confirmed that those who did not receive any vaccinations against the Coronavirus are more likely to be infected and affected by the Indian mutant delta.

Double Mutant

The Indian Delta variant of the Coronavirus is characterized as double mutated because it combines two different mutations at the surface protein level, E484Q and L452R, which makes it easily escape from the grip of the immune system.

3 Steps to Control

1 – Adhere to the health requirements

2 – Vaccination campaign

3- Research and investigation of the new strains through genetic planning



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