Arrivals … By End Of August

Amid anticipation of return back to normal life plan in stages, well-informed sources revealed that expats with valid residence will be allowed to return likely in late August with the completion of the fifth stage of the plan.

The sources stated that ministerial meetings at the Gulf level in the framework of coordination and joint cooperation to determine the latest developments during the Corona pandemic that among the basic items on the agenda is the issue of creating a unified mechanism in the Gulf, at least in the beginning stages.

With the return of the commercial operation of the air traffic and the means of dealing and the examination for the expats returning to the Gulf countries, Kuwait will put in place a mechanism based on the broad outlines of the Gulf mechanism, while continuing to evaluate it according to developments and to establish controls to ensure the preservation of public health.

Kuwait airport witnessed the largest departure movement since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, with 27 flights carrying 5416 passengers on board, leaving 17 flights to Egypt, 4 to India, two flights to Ethiopia, and one trip to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, and Bangladesh.

Airport Passport Director Colonel Badr Al-Shaya stated that there are instructions to facilitate the procedures for leaving the expatriates who wish to return to their country, who have valid residency and were not able to obtain the civil ID because of the closure of government ministries. 47,000 expats have left Kuwait from the beginning of the closure of the airport until yesterday inclusive of 19,000 residence violators.

Source Arab Times


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