Authorities To Study The Fate Of 70,000 Expats Outside Kuwait With Expired Visa

The Residency affairs department of the Ministry of Interior will conduct a study on the cases of around 70,000 expatriates whose visas expired while they were out of the country since the corona crisis began. According to Al Qabas report, a decision will be taken by next week on those who deserve to return.

According to daily, important recommendations will be taken next week to determine who deserves to return to Kuwait with their previous residencies as well as those who do not meet the conditions for return.

According to the report, this study will recommend stopping the return of marginal works, those above 60 yrs of age, those whose residence is tracked back to fake companies who do not have a real job.

The sources also mentioned that the authorities would not allow the entry of some residents who are not permanently staying in Kuwait. They enter the country for a few days, and leave to their homeland and enter the country before the end of 6 months. They do so just to maintain their residency; these people will not be allowed to stamp their residency again.

Any domestic workers, whose age is above 60 years will not be allowed to return. Also, those whose security record is not clean will bot be allowed.

Expats who will be allowed to return as per the study conducted will be issued visit visas and then visit visas will be transferred to their previous residencies.


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