Bahrain: Man Kills Co-worker With Slap In Face

Bahrain’s High Criminal Court heard the case of a man from an Asian country accused of slapping and killing a co-worker after causing him permanent disability, local media reported.

The court received a medical report from the hospital where the victim was staying, saying the victim died after being slapped hard in the face.

The accused, a worker in an industrial company, told the court while he was on duty, collecting weeds and dirt accumulated in the workplace, he was bullied by an annoying co-worker, accompanied by others.

“The annoying co-worker demanded that I work hard and began to give orders to me. His behaviour was irritating. I did not like it because he was just bullying me as he was not in charge and I was doing hard physical effort,” the defendant told the court.

The defendant was charged with assaulting and inflicting injuries on the victim and causing him a permanent disability estimated at 100 per cent, without intending to do so, as indicated in the papers.

The trial will continue on June 16, when a lawyer is assigned to defend the accused.

Doctors say hitting someone in the face is very dangerous compared to other parts of the body. “The face has a huge array of nerve endings, contains around 40 muscles and 14 bones, has sensitive skin, the cartilage of the nose, joint of the jaw and eyes. A hard slap cannot only damage any of these parts, but also affect the blood flow from the heart to the brain,” said a neurologist, who did not wish to be named.




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