Ban On Dining In Restaurants To Be Lifted Soon

The Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al- Khalid is expected to pass a decision to allow dine-in restaurants with a commitment to adherence to health requirements, Al Anba reported.

The restaurants will be required to comply with regulations of public health and would be subjected to the periodic follow-up application from the Ministry of Health and the municipality.

Informed sources indicated in exclusive statements to the daily that in the event that the Council approves any new rules, such as limiting the number of sitting at a single table in open and closed spaces, the restaurants would need to cooperate.

The sources expected that the council would announce the regulations for allowing sitting in cafes, the number of seats at one table, and the distance between the tables. A list of permitted and prohibited services, such as providing hookah to customers would also be announced.



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