Beggars Are A Common Sight During Ramadan

Beggars are a common sight throughout the year in residential areas and elsewhere, however, this phenomenon increases remarkably during Ramadan, where some take an opportunity of people’s kindness and compassion, and their faith to earn money, Al Rai daily reported.

Since the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, beggars are visible in some markets and streets, playing on people sympathies, especially during the Holy month when people are likely to fulfill their religious obligations to be more compassionate.

The way they operate is to stir up humane feelings, such as making pleas for mercy, compassion, help, etc., and often attribute the reasons for their begging to the need to treat a sick person, buy medicine, or pay accumulated rents.

Security forces are often seen arresting beggars in residential areas, who knock on doors of homes seeking help, and showing false medical reports and prescriptions for chronic diseases and other means to evoke pity for donations.



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