Bid To Collect Rent Of Investment Apartments Online

A decision will be issued soon to collect the rent of investment apartments through the electronic payment system, instead of cash, in order to protect public health, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources from the economic sector. In an exclusive statement to the daily, sources disclosed that from now on, rents will be collected online because banks have a way of sterilizing money. Sources cited several methods of sterilizing banknotes, including ultraviolet rays, high temperature or storing them for two weeks before allowing their circulation as a precautionary measure.

Sources clarified this is just a precautionary measure, it does not mean that the banknote could transmit coronavirus. They pointed out that even if the money is contaminated, the virus cannot move from the money to the air until a person inhales it and becomes infected or if the virus moves from the money to the surfaces; hence, it is important to wash hands after being in contact with money as a precaution. Sources added the government has implemented an online system for citizens and expatriates to pay fees electronically without the need to visit government facilities or service centers; such as paying fines, judicial fees, travel ban orders, telephone bills and other government services without any additional fee.




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