Bid To Restore Calm In Political Crisis

Regarding the impact of the Eid Al-Fitr greetings sent by the former MP Musallam Al-Barrak to the political leadership, and the optimism he showed through “a near celebration with the citizens”, reliable sources revealed a tendency to hold articulated meetings between parliamentary groups and others including MPs and government parties starting from Monday until the next session on May 25 with the hope of achieving a calm solution to the political crisis, and to return the parliament to the correct path of exercising its proper oversight and legislative role.

he sources explained that these meetings will follow the protocol meetings that are expected to touch upon the outcome of the amnesty efforts, which have reached a very advanced stage. It was supported by a video recording of the former MP Musallam Al-Barrak, in which he said, “God willing, we are celebrating with the Kuwaiti people in the near future. God knows our longing for dear Kuwait and its loyal people, in whom we only see honor, and this is our consolation after God.”

While the sources highlighted the existence of high dissatisfaction with what they described as “the wickedness of some opposition MPs in the dispute”, they affirmed the political leadership’s keenness to preserve the constitution and protect it from those who mishandle its provisions, and that it would not take any future decisions outside the framework of the constitution that defined the powers of the head of state and the three authorities.

They also stressed that the collision and failure to deal wisely with the files presented will not bring any benefit and will not achieve any gains.

The sources insisted on the need for tipping the scale of cooperation, rearranging priorities, and searching for a way to find calm without the “media chaos” that disrupts all files and returns them to square one.

Regarding the requests for holding special sessions and their impact on easing friction, the sources indicated that the parliament’s office deals with them in accordance with the internal regulations in order to ensure the majority required for its convening, including the government side that should be coordinated with … otherwise its agendas will be presented in the next regular session.

They expressed their hope that the National Assembly would be able to hold its regular session on May 25 to resolve many of the urgent files for which requests were submitted to hold special sessions, including the reward for the front-liners awaiting the report of the Budget Committee, the paper-based exams, developments in Palestine, amending the audiovisual, print, and publishing laws, and the grilling of the Minister of Health Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah.



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