Blacklist Bank Employees Who Are Partners In Crime

The Central Bank of Kuwait has given instructions to blacklist the bank employees who have been proven to collude with fraudsters, in order to prevent them from working in any financial establishments, reports Al-Rai daily. The blacklist, which is being prepared by the banks, contains the names of fraudsters, embezzlers and forgers of bank papers. It will not be limited to those who reported to the prosecution, as the list will be expanded to include the bank employees who assisted fraudsters in carrying out their operations.

In this regard, informed sources said the Central Bank of Kuwait requested banks to create a database with the names of the bank employees whose services were terminated by a penal procedure due to their involvement, participation, or complicity in any incident related to embezzlement, fraud or forgery, in a bid to ban them from working in financial institutions in the future. In its circular to banks, the Central Bank of Kuwait stated that, according to the new instructions, banks that want to appoint a new employee must refer to the database being prepared to check on the candidate nominated for employment, and verify whether his name is included in the database or not before moving forward with the employment process.



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