Children 12-15 Years Old Will Be Vaccinated Against Corona Soon

Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that informed sources in the Ministry of Health confirmed that the medical and technical teams are closely following the latest developments and developments related to the Coronavirus, and the updates that the vaccines are witnessing regarding the beneficiaries of them.

The sources indicated that the ministry is studying the granting of doses of the Pfizer vaccine for the age group from 12 to 15 years soon, against the background of the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration FDA to authorize the emergency use of the Pfizer Bionic vaccine for the aforementioned age group, noting that there is a priority for the elderly and people with special needs And adults and people with chronic diseases and risk factors, as well as available quantities of the vaccine.

Epidemiological situation

The sources reiterated the registration of positive indicators regarding the epidemiological situation in the country, after the rate of recovery from the virus the day before yesterday reached 94.2 percent, compared to the number of infections recorded daily, after it was 93.3 percent at the beginning of April, and 93.8 percent. The percent in early March, 95.6 percent in early February, 97.3 percent at the beginning of this year, and 96.2 percent in early December 2020.

The sources stated that Kuwait is currently ranked fourth in the Gulf in terms of recovery rates, with the UAE coming first with 96.3 percent, Saudi Arabia second with 96 percent, and Qatar third with 94.9 percent, while Bahrain comes fifth with 93.1 percent. And the Sultanate of Oman, sixth, with 91.1 percent, indicating the importance of not attending gatherings and contact in public places, to ensure that the virus is not caught and transmitted to family members.

She drew attention to the importance of the initiative of those who did not register on the COVID-19 vaccination platform to register and take vaccinations, as the recent figures indicate that the intensive care rooms most of those in them did not receive the two doses of vaccines, stressing that the vaccines reduce infection rates significantly, as well. It helps the ministry to get out of the repercussions of the pandemic, as well as its role in reducing deaths due to complications from the virus.

Gulf recovery rates

1 – UAE, 96.3 percent

2 – Saudi Arabia, 96 percent

3 – Qatar, 94.9 percent

4- Kuwait, 94.2 percent

5 – Bahrain – 93.1 percent

6 – Oman, 91 percent



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