Citizens Returning From Abroad Seeking To Be Re-vaccinated

Informed sources revealed to “Al-Rai” that some citizens returning from abroad, who received vaccines against “Covid 19” that were not approved in Kuwait, are seeking to receive vaccination again inside the country.

She indicated that most of the returnees were in neighboring countries, and received vaccinations through vaccines such as “Sinopharma” or “Sinovac” the Chinese or “Sputnik-v” Russia, explaining that “their re-vaccination is currently being studied by the specialized technical committees.”

The sources suggested that there are no technical barriers to re-vaccinating them, but there are controls and requirements that must be observed, especially with regard to the time interval between receiving the two vaccines.

The sources pointed out more than one reason for the returnees from abroad to seek re-vaccination, the most important of which is the adoption of a certain type of vaccination in the country, and doubts that arise regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines they received abroad, in light of the reports of the need for a booster dose.



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