Clinic In Al Sabah Continues To Vaccinate Patients Before Treatment Abroad And Students – MOH

The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the opening of the clinic this week at the Immunization Center at the Islamic Medicine Center in the Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District, which began receiving patients who are undergoing treatment abroad to get vaccinated as part of their travel arrangements, Al Rai daily reported. They are referred based on forms approved by the Treatment Abroad Department, who provided the names of patients and their companions.

The clinics also receive students on scholarships who are studying abroad to get vaccinated after they submit proof of their educational background. These vaccinations for both groups will continue over the weekend to make it easier for students to continue their studies and for sick travelers to go abroad to continue their treatment at the specific destination. It also helps to shorten the procedures for obtaining Covid-19 vaccines, which take into account the travel regulations according to the medical treatments the patients are receiving. There are also steps taken to ensure the safety of patients and their companions by detailing their information including registering their health issues. The clinic also follows the immunization protocols approved in terms of type, duration and date of vaccines for the registered patients who require special consideration with regards to their healthcare.

Working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm daily, for 7 days a week, including the weekend.



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