Co-ops Need To Install CCTVs At All Entrances, Exits

Head of the Labor Syndicate of Cooperative Societies Sector Jamal Al-Fadhli affirmed his support for the cooperative societies in all parts of Kuwait to install security cameras at the entrances and exits of their areas, and in vital installations within the scope of their work with the aim of increasing security in the area, deterring recklessness, and uncovering crimes committed by unknown individuals, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a press statement, Al-Fadhli indicated that this step is based on the Cabinet’s decision issued in 2020 to oblige cooperative societies to install security cameras inside their headquarters and in the facilities affiliated to them such as catering units, food stores and others in order to monitor and protect them from theft and vandalism. He said, “Nowadays in the developed countries, it is difficult to find any street without a surveillance camera linked to the internal affairs sector with the aim of preserving security and protecting properties. The presence of the surveillance cameras deters violators and facilitates the police in uncovering unsolved crimes. They are also used to determine the cause of accidents and find out who is at fault.

They also assist the police and reduce their burden in terms of covering every street in the country, and being present in times of accidents.” Al-Fadhli wished the cooperative societies would implement this vital project as part of their goals and community activities. In this regard, head of the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Cooperative Society Abdullah Al-Othman Al-Rashed explained that the cooperative society, as part of its social activities, launched an initiative to securing the entrances and exits of all the facilities of the cooperative society and of the area with cameras in order to protect the public and private properties, and ensuring the cameras are linked to the central operations room of the Ministry of Interior with the cooperation of Zain Communications and Bass companies for camera installation.

This initiative cost about KD 100,000. The contract has been signed, and the installation of the cameras will soon be completed at all the entrances and exits of the area. He appreciated the efforts exerted by the members of the previous and current boards of directors, the mayor of Shamiya area Ibrahim Al-Mishal, and Head of the Shamiya Police Station Faisal Al-Khalidi for their cooperation in launching this initiative.

Al-Rashed added that the Ministry of Interior requested the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies to circulate the idea to all cooperative societies to benefit from it in maintaining security and quickly reporting any violations. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Qairawan Cooperative Society Falah Al-Mutairi explained that the project to place security cameras at the entrances and exits of the area is a state project.

The Ministry of Interior is supposed to take up the installation, operation and maintenance of the project in all areas of Kuwait because of its importance in establishing security and protecting lives and properties as well as helping to uncover crimes that occur without finding a way of identifying the culprit(s). He revealed that the cooperative society studied the project and decided to reject it for several reasons, including its high cost and the lack of the desired benefit from monitoring cars at the entrances and exits of the area because this is the prerogative of the Ministry of Interior.

Al-Mutairi stressed that most of the quarrels occur near homes and public facilities, indicating that the sums spent on this project should be spent on other projects that directly serve the shareholders and the people of the area. He affirmed that the Al-Qairawan Cooperative Society building and its supply branch have surveillance cameras linked to the Central Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to monitor the market and its visitors in terms of crowding and social distancing, or in the event of quarrels or thefts, etc.



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