Co-ops Sector OK’s Promoting Local Agri Products’ Promotion

The Cooperative Societies Sector in the Ministry of Social Affairs has completed a ministerial decision on supporting the promotion of local agricultural products in cooperatives, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources. Sources confirmed submission of the decision to Minister of Social Affairs, Societal Development, Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Dr Mashaan Al-Otaibi for approval.

Sources explained the ministry aims to provide support and take measures to promote local agricultural products in cooperatives in accordance with legal frameworks. Sources revealed the decision stipulates the following:
■ Two direct selling outlets – Wafir Company and Farmers Union
■ Demolition of the area allocated for the union which is about 30 percent of the total area allotted for displaying vegetables and fruits in markets, central and branches of cooperatives
■ Prohibiting the display and promotion of agricultural products without a barcode for the price
■ Cooperative societies must strictly adhere to the rules on hygiene and quality when displaying products to protect them from damage and mold such that the health of consumers is not compromised
■ Cooperatives must set a profit margin for agricultural purchases Sources added the decision addressed issues regarding the mechanism for paying suppliers, determining the volume of consumption, comparing prices, clarifying the role of the financial controller assigned by the ministry to follow up the implementation of the decision, submitting periodic reports to the concerned department, and monitoring and recording violations, if any, to prevent problems related to the sale of vegetables and fruits in cooperative societies.



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