Company Asked To Pay KD 32,000

The Court of Appeals issued a ruling to oblige a construction company to pay a general trading and contracting company KD 32,000, which is the value for constructing 50 public buildings (power substations) in Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City. The case was filed by the counsel representing the general trading and contracting company Lawyer Ali Jawhar. He explained that the business contract between his client and the defendant company was signed for the construction of 930 buildings of power substations in Sabah Al- Ahmad Marine City.

The plaintiff company constructed 50 buildings according to the prices mentioned in the contract, but the defendant company refused to pay its dues as agreed in the contract. The court stated in the merits of its judgment that the defendant company’s liability was based on the amount of the claim in favor of the plaintiff company, as detailed in the expert’s report and as stated by the court. It affirmed that this result was based on sound foundations, legally established, and is in conformity with the documents submitted by the plaintiff, stressing that the defendant company had the liability to pay the plaintiff company as per the items of the contract signed between them.



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