Confusion Over Ban On Filipino Domestic Workers

A few days after the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait denied the news published by Al-Qabas daily about lifting the ban imposed on sending domestic workers to Kuwait, the Labor Attache in the embassy Nasser S. Mustafa affirmed that the ban has been lifted based on the instructions issued by the Labor Minister of the Philippines Silvestre Bello III, reports Al-Qabas daily. Initially, in a move deemed confusing to diplomatic work, the official Twitter account of the embassy denied the news published by the daily regarding an official statement issued by the Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies to announce the Philippines’ agreement to lift the ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait on new contracts.

The embassy posted – “It is not true”. However, three days later, the embassy returned, through its labor attache, to confirm the news by issuing a circular to the domestic labor recruitment offices in the country regarding the reopening of the door to receive new contracts for domestic workers from the Philippines. According to a letter issued by the labor attache Nasser S. Mustafa, instructions were issued by the Minister of Labor of the Philippines to resume the recruitment of domestic workers in Kuwait.



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