Corona Committee Recommends To End Curfew, Allow Dine-in Restaurants

The Corona Committee has submitted its recommendations to the Council of Ministers, which will take a final decision on Monday. The decision is expected today.

One of the most prominent recommendations was to end the imposition of partial curfew as the epidemiological situation has improved in the country, and the number of vaccination doses exceeded one and a half million doses, Al Qabas reported.

The sources confirmed to the daily that the committee recommended opening restaurants to everyone, with the imposition of some precautionary measures, indicating that in the current situation it is not possible to prevent unvaccinated people from entering until the percentage vaccinated reaches 60% in addition to the vaccination of children.

The sources also revealed to the daily that the committee’s report recommended that hookah cafes not be opened until further notice.

Regarding the opening of the airport, the sources emphasized that it would not be before July, to protect the population from any infection coming from abroad, especially with the mutated strains of the virus, and to complete the safe vaccination rate in the country.



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