Corona Deaths In Kuwait Are Among The Lowest In The Arab World And Globally

Kuwait recorded 102 deaths due to Coronavirus till 21 June, a health official confirmed that the deaths due to Corona is still one of the lowest globally, which is 0.5%. This points out the effectiveness of the health care system in Kuwait, Al Qabas reported.

The public hospitals use the latest safe treatment and technical protocols used in the most advanced health systems issued on recommendations from specialized health organizations. This has contributed to reducing complications and death due to coronavirus.

Sources told the daily that despite the low death rate in the country, caution by all segments of society is still needed to ensure that infection with the virus is not transmitted to family members, pointing out that the disease does not differentiate between age groups, as it also affects infants and children.

The official stressed the importance of the initiative and taking vaccinations and not discriminating between the available vaccines, especially as they are effective, safe, and approved by international health organizations.



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