Council Of Ministers Approves Governance Guidelines To Supervise Development Projects

The Council of Ministers instructed the ministers and those in charge of implementing development projects in the country to introduce the governance system to these development projects, by obliging state agencies to entrust the implementation of each of these projects to a government official with the rank of minister as part of introducing a governance system to better handle these development projects, Al Jarida reported.

This came after the government issued a draft law on the development plan, where it underscored that the law guarantees that the leadership entrusted with the implementation of each program shall be led by a government official of no less than a deputy minister who works to coordinate all initiatives within the framework of his program, oversee developments and take appropriate measures towards any challenges facing the program. In addition, is responsible for ensuring its objectives are achieved, and submits his reports to the responsible committee In the Council of Ministers to ensure the governance of the plan’s programs.

He stated that the Council of Ministers sets the necessary rules to follow up on the implementation of the plan, and the Planning Secretariat undertakes the preparation and development of an integrated system for preparing and following up the implementation of the plan, and annual plans related to all participating parties, through which the progress in implementing the directions and desired results, policies, indicators, initiatives and listed projects is monitored, as well as coordination with the concerned authorities, who in turn are obligated to complete the forms and technical documents requested by the Secretariat.

The law stipulates that ministries, public institutions and wholly state-owned companies are obligated to submit periodic reports regarding the planning of the developmental projects, which include the progress of work in implementing all aspects related to the development plan, the extent of progress in achieving its goals, and a statement on the activities of the private sector related to its activities. A regular periodic follow-up report of the developmental project to the Planning Secretariat that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the plan’s performance. The competent minister is also obliged to submit to the National Assembly quarterly follow-up reports after they are presented to Planning Secretariat and approved by the Council of Ministers.

The third article of the law mandated the Planning Secretariat to prepare a detailed annual development plan at the level of ministries, agencies, public institutions and companies wholly owned by the state, in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities, and in conjunction with presenting draft laws related to linking the budgets of government agencies, and obliging the concerned authorities to take into account the directions and the desired results and policies included in the general framework of the plan when preparing its detailed plans before submitting them to the Planning Secretariat.



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