Death Penalty Sought As Suspect Says Did Not Kidnap, Kill Woman

About 21 days after the heinous crime that shook the Kuwaiti street and left great reverberations in the Arab street, the Criminal Court held the first trial session in the case related to the gruesome crime that took place in Sabah Al- Salem area where the victim, Farah Akbar, was murdered in front of her daughter during day time in the holy month of Ramadan, reports Al-Qabas daily. At the start of the trial, the defendant accused of murdering Farah Akbar denied the charges leveled against him of the kidnapping and murder of the victim.

Responding to the charges, he said, “I work in the Army Intelligence, and I study psychology. I did not kidnap, kill, or threaten anyone.” The Criminal Court decided to adjourn the trial to May 25 in order to summon the incident officer. The legal team representing the accused requested for an urgent defense. The legal counsel representing the victim Lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan submitted a request for civil temporary compensation worth KD 5,001, and demanded death penalty for the defendant. Several activists and relatives of the victim Farah Akbar had gathered near the venue of the trial and called for the execution of the killer.



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